about the artist



I´m a visual artist. I come from the Central Ostrobothnia region, where agricultural industry coexists with folk art. Fiddles and fox farming, horse races and folk healing characterize my home town Kaustinen. Nature and animals have always had a strong presence in my life. My interest in human behavior and our relation to environment and other living beings is one of the main things that inform my body of work.


I want to visualize my feelings and thoughts, express rather than illustrate them. I want to move. 

I make images, I paint rocks, I stand on a tree stump in a cut forest, I build a bird´s nest big enough to fit in. Are human beings able to sustain what´s left? How is it possible to live in something and yet preserve it? I want to make questions clear to myself. I want to act rather than philosophize. 

In recent years I´ve  focused on my personal history and emotions evoked by nature. I work on building sceneries that come out of my emotional, bodily memory. Performative and meditative working process is as important to me as the final art piece. They are visualized memories as well as emotional replicas.

Photography is important media to me, and I also use collected natural material as well as recycled and found things. 


photo: Krista Järvelä


2013 - 2016    MA in photography, Aalto University

2004 - 2008    BA in photography, University of Art and Design, Helsinki

2000 - 2003    Bachelor of Sociocultural Work, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences



2021    On Disappearance, together with Patricia Rodas and Essi Orpana, Kulttuuritalo Laikku, Tampere
2020    Lohtu, Poriginal Galleria, Pori

2019    On Disappearance, together with Mia Damberg, Patricia Rodas and Essi Orpana, Latvia Museum of Photography

2017    Äänesi on kuin tuuli, together with Essi Orpana, Pohjanmaan Valokuvakeskus, Lapua

2017    Luonnontilassa, together with Maria Leppänen, Folk Arts Centre, Kaustinen

2016    Olemassaolon yrityksiä, together with Maria Leppänen, Karvia Willin kansan viikko, Karvia

2016    PLAYGROUND, together with Jaana Lahti-Luopa, Galleria 2, Pirkkala

2016    8 pientä tarinaa, together with Maria Leppänen, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

2015    PLAYGROUND, together with Jaana Lahti-Luopa, Tupakkamakasiini, Pietarsaari


2019        Oxygenum, Suomen Pohjoismainen Taideliitto, Vetelin Taidekartano

2018        SILENCE, Seinäjoki Art Hall

2017        Taide liikuttaa, Pohjanmaan valokuvakeskus ja Taike Pohjanmaa

2016        Luonnos, Galleria Väliaika, Kokkola

2016        Levottomia unia, Wiurilan kesä, Salo

2016        PAKO, Vetelin Taidekartano